[1]余 杭,罗清虎,李松阳,等.灾害干扰受损森林土壤的碳、氮、磷初期恢复特征与变异性[J].山地学报,2020,(4):532-541.[doi:10.16089/j.cnki.1008-2786.000531]
 YU Hang,LUO Qinghu,LI Songyang,et al.Initial Recovery Characteristics and Variability of Soil Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus in the Damaged Forests under Disaster Disturbance[J].Mountain Research,2020,(4):532-541.[doi:10.16089/j.cnki.1008-2786.000531]





Initial Recovery Characteristics and Variability of Soil Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus in the Damaged Forests under Disaster Disturbance
余 杭123罗清虎123李松阳123林勇明12*王道杰4
1.福建农林大学 林学院,福州 350002; 2.中国科学院山地灾害与地表过程重点实验室,成都 610041; 3.福建省高校森林生态系统过程与经营重点实验室,福州 350002; 4.中国科学院、水利部成都山地灾害与环境研究所,成都 610041
YU Hang123 LUO Qinghu123 LI Songyang123 LIN Yongming 12* WANG Daojie4
1. College of Forestry, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou 350002, China; 2. Key Laboratory of Mountain Hazards and Surface Processes, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu 610041, China; 3. Key Laboratory for Forest Ecosystem Process and Management of Fujian Province, Fuzhou 350002, China; 4. Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Water Conservancy, Chengdu 610041, China
土壤养分 生态恢复 变异系数 福建 南平
soil nutrient ecological restoration variable coefficient Fujian Nanping
In June 2010, heavy floods induced large-scale landslides in Nanping City, Fujian Province, China causing severe damages to forests in the area. In this study, two different kinds of forest lands(Cunninghamia lanceolata forest and secondary broad-leaved forest)destroyed by major floods were selected for determination of soil organic carbon(SOC)content, total nitrogen(TN)content and total phosphorus(TP)content of surface soil in different sample plots(damaged area, recovered area, and undamaged area), and then the initial recovery characteristics and variability of SOC, TN, TP of damaged forests were analyzed. The results show that:(1)Disaster caused severe damages to the secondary broad-leaved forest and Cunninghamia lanceolata forest. The contents of SOC, TN and TP in all plots decreased as the vegetation coverage, following the rule of “undamaged area>recovered area>damaged area”, indicating that damaged forests had not recovered to the pre-disaster level after seven years of natural recovery.(2)Only TP content of the recovered area was significantly higher than the damaged area in secondary broad-leaved forest, while the content of SOC and TP of the recovered area were both significantly higher than the damaged area in Cunninghamia lanceolata forest, and the recovery rate of soil nutrients in Cunninghamia lanceolata forest was higher than secondary broad-leaved forest, indicating that the early fertilization had a positive promoting effect on the natural restoration of soil nutrients in Cunninghamia lanceolata forest.(3)C:P value was mainly affected by SOC, C:N and N:P values were mainly affected by TN in the damaged forests, and only C:P value of recovered area was significantly higher than the damaged area in Cunninghamia lanceolata forest.(4)TN had the maximum variability, followed by SOC and TP in the damaged forests, but the recovery rate of soil nutrients was contrary to the above conclusions, indicating that disaster had the greatest impact on TN of the damaged forests. The results indicated that soil nutrients had been severely damaged by disaster, and the natural recovery process of soil nutrients was slow and the recovery effect was poor. Therefore, appropriate artificial measures should be carried out to promote the recovery of damaged forests, especially secondary broad-leaved forests. The research results can provide a scientific basis for the prediction of the succession process and mechanism, soil erosion control, and the optimization of restoration measures of the damaged forests.


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